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“Your writing is enlightening and beautiful. I especially enjoyed the rays of sunshine you captured in the fun family memories, among the poignant stories you have shared so openly in Love, Care and ShareThank you, from the bottom of my heart.”  Yvonne Finn, Your Relationship Whisperer 

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I started reading Love, Care and Share just after 7 pm and it’s now 9:20 pm. I was deeply drawn into it and it was like being with Margie again, only through your eyes and words. For these past few hours she “Lived” again. Thank you for that.

about love care share the book

The raw emotion expressed comes through vividly, about a Son’s Love for his Mother bringing her life into meaningful events and wanting her to be remembered as someone many of us Loved. I have often said to others that we go through life never really seeing others and ourselves but for our outer shells/bodies, instead of seeing the real entity that we are; which is the Soul. Margie saw the Soul and therefore was able to love as she did.  Chris Price

about love care share the book

“I sat with my father during his last days on earth, and just picking up your book and reading your inspiring, uplifting writing, helped me with the journey we both had to go through.”  Austin Freedman, Psychotherapist, Life Coach 

about love care share the book

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading about your Mom in Love, Care and Share. It was amazing and the stories just made me sorry I didn’t know her myself. She must have had the biggest, kindest heart. Her willingness to give her time and her home and anything else which was needed made her very special indeed. You must miss her terribly. Your writing was lovely and by the end, I felt as though I knew all of you in a way I hadn’t before. Thank you for sharing it with me, my friend.  Love, Sherry

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Tom, I just finished reading Love, Care and Share in its entirety. I was only planning on reading part of it but I could not leave my chair. I cannot express the emotion I feel right now, maybe that will come later. My heart is overflowing and encased with gold… is about all I can say right now. I found so many similarities during this read, most of which I knew nothing about but is clear to me now. So many answers have come, and most likely, more will present themselves in the days ahead. Synchronicities, feeling the energy, “Celestine Prophecy” which I live by. Love, Care and Share is such a profound legacy. That’s just a tiny tad of why your story was so overwhelming.  Love, Dawn 

about love care share the book

Thank-you Tom – what a book! What a story! What a mother! Came in – home late last night – started reading and am reading this morning with my cup of tea. What a gift, and so many connecting points in your story with my life, beliefs, and such enrichment and beauty…  and the love is everywhere… in the truth… in the caring… in the sharing… Talk about authenticity… I am heading back for more enrichment and yet another cup of tea. What a beautiful morning you have provided for me.  I will pass along to my husband Paul today. You certainly are sharing! This is the sweet spot of life as far as I am concerned. Looking so forward to all of our coming together in conversation and community… Thank-you – I feel very lucky to be reading your story. Warmly and with gratitude, Anne Peace

How I wish I’d had the pleasure of meeting your mother in my lifetime. The overwhelming Love, Care and Share is how I live my life. The similarities of the anecdotes you share about your life and your mother’s and my own are insanely similar. A few examples apart from the obvious, my home is where all my children’s friends come to feel peace, sleep or eat and get advice with absolutely no judgment. Whatever I can give, I will try. My grandmother lost her leg to gangrene when my children were young, and my connection and my mother and hers to me, were overwhelmingly similar to your mom’s and yours. My daughter was visited by white butterflies, as I was, shortly after my grandmother’s death various times, and we felt her and heard her in my mother’s home after her passing.

We also dance in our home and live by your mother’s creed almost daily. I agree with everything she believed in and only hope to continue my own path in her footsteps. With this book, I no longer feel alone. I always felt like I was being soft or “too good” as people often tell me, I do the things I do because we are all out here by God for a purpose. And mine is much like your mother’s as my grandmother’s before me and my mother’s, too.

I cried through the whole reading of this book and felt such joy and calm. Thank you above all, Tom, we were meant to have that conversation on my porch that day. Your mother led you to me because it was the right thing for me. Even never having met her, she made her presence known to me; she’s truly an angel and still touching lives even after she is gone from this earth. I will continue to be true to myself and live by your mother’s philosophy. Her story solidifies my values and my heart. Thank you most of all for ‘sharing’ her with the world. What a lovely gift you have given me, to us all. Laura Paletta

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Tom Herstad’s book, is one of the more authentic writings I’ve encountered, filled with real-life stories of family struggles and victories, while highlighting the role of a mother who’s compassion and integrity was the true core of the family. I had a hard time putting it down, and you will too. An uplifting and encouraging read! Tamra Nashman Richardt, CEO

about love care share the book

My partner handed me Love, Care and Share and said, “reminds me of your mother”. I couldn’t put it down. Thank you for writing about your mother and reminding me that we need to talk about the wonderful women in our lives (past and present) they give so much to the world that should be acknowledged. R Brousseau 

about love care share the bookLove, Care and Share came home with me from the National Home Show. Just goes to show things you need will find you in the strangest spots. I suspect this delightful book will touch many, many lives in positive ways at just the right moment. If you are hesitating to read this book, stop and listen to the voice telling you it has something to say to you, it probably does. Sherry LB Johnson

about love care share the book

Tom shares with us his Mom’s story of Love, Care and Share… He continues in her legacy and what she taught all of us!about love care share the book

All I can say is OMG!! I finally read the book here on vacation in Jamaica and am blown away. If I did not well up a half dozen times throughout reading it call me numb and dumb. Good thing I was sweating that helped hide wiping my tears. I wish I had the honour of meeting your mother. I feel reading the book she has touched my life. God bless for writing such a testimony to the wonderful woman and inspiration your mother was to so many people and what an inspiration she still is today in spirit. Michael P

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This book is more than a tribute. The layers of memories and testimonials are like a tapestry. Lots of moments reminding us to look up from our phones, make eye contact and help others. Margie was and is an angel touching every soul who reads this book. JH

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August 8, 2016: Love, Care and Share is a heartfelt book about a truly exceptional woman!! Margie was my aunt and she was truly an amazing, loving, giving woman. There was always room, always a place for you in her home and heart and this included her family as well. Tom is a wonderful son and loving soul. Tom writes from the his heart and it is truly an inspiring book that makes you believe in people and possibilities!! I am so proud of you Tom and I am sure your Mom is too. She is watching from above and has guided you to where you are today!! Keep looking for the signs….. Brenda MacGillivray about love care share the book

Good and quick read. When I came across this book I didn’t know if it would be my kind of thing, but as soon as I starting reading it I got hooked. I found it very touching. The writer has a welcoming style as if he’s talking to me directly. His mother seems to have been quite a strong and loving woman who left such a big impression on friends and family.

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Who doesn’t know that feeling of loss and starting to appreciate our short life here on earth? I enjoyed the upbeat and thought provoking stories about how Tom Herstad learned to make every day count.

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Awesome! This beautifully written book is a treasure to all who read it. Margie’s generous and loving spirit is what brings life to all the experiences shared by the author and his family. May we all strive to be as loving as Margie and may her life lessons touch our hearts to do good always. Thank you Tom, for a memorable and enlightening book!

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This book is worth its weight in gold.

Thank you for sharing Margie’s life. She blessed the world with her love and empathy and showed us that kind words and small gestures are all that is needed to change a person’s life. The book is full of hardship, love, kindness, and a passion for life. You will get caught up in her life from the first page and by the last page you will be working to change how you see the world and the people around you. Well worth the read.

about love care share the bookAngels amongst us

This book truly inspires the spirit. I believe there are angels that have been put on this earth to help the rest of us… Margie Herstad was one of those chosen souls. This is a wonderful tribute to her selfless and generous life and the people she helped and inspired. A great read for those who are soul-searching. Tony Fallicon

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The world needs more books like this one !

Tom Herstad’s Love, Care and Share is packed full of real life stories about his mother Margie, which will truly stir your heart and bring you to new levels of awareness. Every page teaches us how to love others, and ultimately will bring more love into your own life. For only through “Love, Care and Sharing” will we be able to eliminate war, famine and environmental destruction.

about love care share the bookI would highly recommend this book to all ages

This book had many different layers. From start to finish I felt very engaged , this book brought me many different emotions from laughing to crying , I would highly recommend this book to all ages . While reading this book I felt I gained an understanding of who the authors Mom truly was. I felt the connection the author had with his mother and you could tell she was inspirational women.

about love care share the bookLife’s Meanings

Great read on the real meaning of life. It takes us back to what’s important and missing in today’s world. Stories that should inspire how we all have it in us to help do a little more for others. A very giving life.

about love care share the book

It reminds us to love, respect and listen to everyone

A very insightful, inspirational and up lifting book. It gives hope and meaning to life’s everyday trials and tribulations. It reminds us to love, respect and listen to everyone, as we all have something to offer. Well written and truly engaging. Great job. Rosalyn about love care share the book

September 17, 2016: I grew up with this amazing account through the tragic loss of his father and loving strength of his mother..inspirational…Tom Bowman 

about love care share the bookBeautiful and inspirational

A beautifully written story about a well lived life of a strong woman. Inspiring message. Thanks for sharing her story with the world. about love care share the book

Your book brought back memories of your Mom and the hours we spent together. For these hours I was reading this book she lived again. It was written with lots of heart. Thank you so much. Darlene J Morris 

about love care share the book

Bought this for my wife; her and my daughter rescue dogs and loved the stories…well done.

about love care share the bookIt will change your life

This book had a profound effect on me. So powerfully written, I found myself on a roller coaster of emotion. I could not put it down.about love care share the book

Thank you so much for sharing your life with us, Tom. I have a couple copies of Love, Care, and Share that are targeted for some important people in my life. Neil Pipher 

about love care share the book

Love, Care and Share is about just that

Love, Care and Share is about just that! It is a lovingly written tribute/memoir by a son who learned to love, care and share by the impossible to miss life principles of his mother. For even though Margie Herstad, who inspired this story , did not always have the easiest life she did not allow those troublesome experiences to alter who she was at heart. She remained caring, always seeking and finding the good in everyone. She was an authentic encourager who believed in second chances for all! Acknowledging often that we are all works in progress. The writing is enlightening, inspiring and beautiful. I especially enjoyed the rays of sunshine that captures and portrays the fun family memories. The recurring butterfly them is awesome and one that so effectively demonstrates one of Margie’s “Godincidences”. Thank you for a truly heart – connection read and so openly sharing this poignant story! Yvonne Finn, Your Relationship Whisperer.

about love care share the book

A book that can be read and shared over and over again.

An incredible emotional journey. Love Care and Share is captivating story telling with a deep love & respect for life. The author shares with us the stories of an amazing woman, Margie Herstad, as well as revealing his personal vulnerabilities & spiritual growth. I loved it & will recommend it to everyone I know. Annie Bort

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I cried and felt like I knew your Mom personally when reading this book

Tom, Thank you so much for this book, I couldn’t put it down, I laughed, I cried and felt like I knew your Mom personally when reading this book. You brought back so many memories of my childhood and memories of my past good and bad that I reflected on. Dragonflies are my creatures that remind me of people that have passed and since living in the city I never saw dragon flies but in the last two weeks I’ve seen six! Thank you! I can’t wait for the next book. Nicole  

about love care share the book

Love this book

Love this book!! Hard to put down!! Full of wisdom and a reminder that we’re put on this earth to LOVE each other! Thank you Tom for sharing such intimate stories about your family and your own personal growth process! What a legacy Margie left! The book is truly inspirational!! A MUST read and of course, share!!! Mary Hill

Tom Herstad’s loving memoir of his Mom is heartfelt and genuine

Tom Herstad’s loving memoir of his Mom, Margie is heartfelt and genuine. By the time you turn the last page, you will intimately know Margie, her heart and the Strength which sustains her. Her Manifesto, towards the end of the book is marvelous, deeply profound and transforming. We all need a “Margie” in our lives. Now, thanks to this book we can all embrace her!  Mindy Chernoff  CEO – The Resonant Horse

about love care share the book

Excellent Read! Read from start to finish. Couldn’t put it down.

Two thumbs up for LOVE, CARE, and SHARE by Tom Herstad. A must read, it’s about family and secret touch of unconditional LOVE, and WISDOM by a guardian angel. Very touching and inspirational.
Loved it.  Maha Mcharafie

about love care share the book

Tom, I received your book Love, Care and Share a few days ago and just finished reading it cover to cover. It has touched me deeply on so many levels. Thank you for writing it. It comes at a challenging time in my journey and I am most greatful to you & your Mom. I felt her energy throughout this read. What a beautiful soul who lives on wonderfully touching lives. The movie will profoundly change lives. I write this with tears streaming down my face – thank you for the Love, Care and Share. Will talk soon!! The book is outstanding – I could not put it down! Joan Jefferson

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  2. Thank you for letting me in on such a personal journey. My mother, too, became a widow at 38, when my father passed away at 42. I felt the pain your family went through, and you, especially, because we were about the same age. I have learned many things from this book in order to heal – be better, do better, love more. Your family is an inspiration, your mother epitomizes the true meaning of empathy and compassion. This book is one of those gems, reminding us we are never alone.
    Paulo Coehlo said, “Tears are words that need to be written.” Thank you, Tom, for bringing this book to life.

  3. Not just a lovely and loving testament to the woman who was your mother, and a love of so many others who crossed her path, but this is a beautiful collection of stories that, over and over, soften and open my heart, move me deeply, to hear of how one woman kept prioritizing holding people in love, again and again … and of some of the profound ripples it created in the lives of others – yours, Tom & so many others. It left me soft-hearted and hopeful, with each story, that I chose to read in one or 2 story bites at a time & to savour the whole collection over more than a month now. Thanks for choosing to share, for so many reasons!

  4. Finished your book Tom. Actually read it cover to cover in one sitting. Once I started I couldn’t put it down. Well written and a wonderful tribute to your mom. I had the great pleasure of meeting and speaking with her a couple of times when Rick and I came home from Buffalo. I cannot recall what was said but I do remember being struck by how kind she was to both Rick and I.
    I am sure she is very proud of you and Julie.

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