Stress And Burnout Survival Strategies

Stress and burnout have become universal conditions! We must find ways to avoid or minimize the effects of this malady before it becomes debilitating and negatively impacts all areas of our lives. I run a busy LED lighting design company, and just became a fully fledged author this month. After nearly four years of planning, writing and going through all the stages of the publishing process to share my book with the world, Author Kristen Lamb’s latest blog post hit home. Stress and lack of time to accomplish all we need to do are part of our every day struggles and burnout can be around the next corner when we least expect it. So when my editor/publisher, Tanya Freedman shared with me Kristen Lamb’s blog post, I had to share it with you all. For LINK to full blog post, click here. In this informative, insightful and sometimes humorous article Ms. Lamb shares some coping Read More

Why Bad News Sells and How We Can Stop Buying Into It!

The news has always consisted of dreaded tragedies, sad circumstances of communities, cities and countries. I realize that the continued focus has always been on the negative stories. The car accidents, the shootings, natural disasters, the hatred. Why does this stuff sell? Is it because we care, or is it something completely different? Why are we addicted to watching bad news on TV and News Feeds? I learned my own answers to this recently. Taking a Step Back Until a few months ago I was one of the millions of people glued to CNN and other news channels, and news feeds on my laptop or cell phone, needing to stay updated about the natural disasters and tragedies befalling our human race. My day started and ended with the TV warning me about our increasingly dangerous and volatile world. However, over five months ago when my TV stopped working, and I have not watched the news Read More

How I Found An Editor, Finished and Published The Book

This is directly from the beginning of the book, Love, Care and Share: Preface While preparing to write the book, I booked a trip to Cuba at a remote resort on the peninsula of Cayo Coco to centre myself. To sit in a lawn chair, stare at the stars, gaze at the ocean, read the “Autobiography of a Yogi,” eat fresh lobster on the beach, ride a scooter around the peninsula, and walk along the shore to find my inner spiritual strength. I needed clarity to make some extremely important decisions before embarking on this impending commitment ahead of me. My youngest sister, Julie, came along; we had initiated this work together three years ago after my mother’s passing. Now it was time to blow more wind into the sail of this labour of love. My fun, loving sister would also bring lots of depth to the book. One of the decisions was how to Read More

Why I Had to Write Love, Care & Share – Part 1

Many people have already read my book, Love, Care and Share, and the reviews have been incredibly gratifying. I now realize how important it was to write this inspiring book for myself, but also how it has already helped and brought joy and meaning to so many people. The book reviews and the personal messages I have received  for this inspiring book have made every moment of the journey worthwhile. Even those times when my memories were hard to recall and write about. But most of the writing adventure has been just that; a glorious, engaging and joyful experience which has helped me grow and become even more grateful for all aspects of my life. Before I tell you about my journey to getting the final, published book in my hands, my book’s introduction explains the first part of why I felt compelled to write Love, Care and Share: INTRODUCTION: As I embarked on this Read More