Stress And Burnout Survival Strategies

Stress and burnout have become universal conditions!

We must find ways to avoid or minimize the effects of this malady before it becomes debilitating
and negatively impacts all areas of our lives.

I run a busy LED lighting design company, and just became a fully fledged author this month.
After nearly four years of planning, writing and going through all the stages of the publishing process
to share my book with the world, Author Kristen Lamb’s latest blog post hit home.

Stress and lack of time to accomplish all we need to do are part of our every day struggles and burnout
can be around the next corner when we least expect it.
So when my editor/publisher, Tanya Freedman shared with me Kristen Lamb’s blog post, I had to
share it with you all.

For LINK to full blog post, click here.

In this informative, insightful and sometimes humorous article Ms. Lamb shares some coping tactics.

  • Hit the reset button and take some time out
  • Write as a cathartic exercise
  • Recognize the difference between bad stress and good stress
  • Engage in healthy empowering interactions with other humans
  • Exercise, pray, do some gardening, etc.

While the focus of Ms. Lamb’s article is helping writers –  her insightful suggestions on how
to manage stress and burnout can be advantageous to anyone suffering with this critical

What about you? How has stress or even burnout affected you and your life? How have you coped in these situations? Share your comments and you may help others see the signs and prevent further suffering.