Let Mother Nature Nurture and Mother You

There are many books and blogs dedicated to the subject of building and enjoying a better life, becoming happier and how to become more successful in your personal life and career.

Here are some of my lessons learned and surprising ways forward which may help you with the above:

1. When You’re Feeling Low, Go and Help Someone Else.

In other words, love care and share!

In our fast paced, stress-filled lives, we can all succumb to getting the blues, or getting depressed. And sometimes we are too deeply in the situation to recognize it or know how to get out from under the grey, all-consuming cloud.

You can drag yourself out of the darkness by taking the focus away from yourself and your issues. Whether they are health, love, family or business problems, it’s easier to get busy by helping someone else. Getting an opportunity to do the smallest chores, even getting your elderly neighbor some groceries, will produce the ‘feel good’ hormones which will in turn help you see your own issues from a different, fresh perspective.

You may well realize that there is something you can do in a more proactive and positive way.

You can start by committing to helping an hour or two at your local church, hospital or community event in which you are interested. It’s win-win all the way.

2 .Mother nature has a healing component.

Whether it’s the reawakening spring, gorgeous hot summer, colorful, majestic fall or in the depth of Canadian snow-covered winter, mother nature can recharge you.

Watch the incredible miracle of nature’s rebirth every spring. Listen to bird song in harmony with the sounds of a babbling brook. Marvel at the regal swans and other birds gliding across the lake. Feast your senses on the bright shimmering shades of gold, reds and dark greens of forests, the thousand-year-old granite rock structures and mountains around you in the fall. Feel the crisp revitalizing cold air on your face as you wade through the frozen lakes or snow-covered forests in your snow shoes.

Smell the wonderful air just after a rain shower, or the inviting scent of freshly cut grass under your bare feet. Fill your lungs with the cool fall air rich with that special perfume that only mother nature can produce.

All this will help you quiet the mind. You will regain new appreciation for the things around us we take for granted: From the frolicking animals as they procreate to continue the life cycle; the sun that rejuvenates you in the summer and the beauty of mother nature; and the welcoming warmth of your fireplace in your cabin with the steaming, hot coco on a freezing night.

All you have to do is make a decision to go out there, open yourself up to the wonder all around us.

3. Spend Time with Animals.

Take your dog for a walk more often. Take the neighbor’s dog for a walk or look after it for a few days. You may like this addition to your life. Yes, they do require commitment, if you’re tempted to get a cat or a dog. Yes, they are a big responsibility, but they bring unconditional love into your home and your family.

Studies have shown that owning a dog, for example, reduces risk of health issues, and lowers your blood pressure. Just by looking into their eyes, their trust can fill you with that warmth of being needed and loved. It may show you a different side to your own and your family’s personalities.

What animals did you have when you were younger? What were the positives that you remember? What would you commit to if you had the time?

4. Listen to Music More.

Make time to leave the confines of your home or work space. Drive in the country with the windows down listening to motivational music which restores your soul. From Jazz to Classic Rock to New Age, it’s all welcoming into our spirits.

Music is universally renowned for healing and restoring. If you live alone, leave a relaxing music station on all day, either to keep you company or welcome you back when you return home, like a warm hug. It can also accompany you on walks when you need a different sort of stimulation or relaxation; while you read or work; while you share time with your family or friends. Don’t take it for granted, let yourself revel in the restful or rejuvenating magic with just the click of a switch.

5. Reduce the Amount of TV News you watch.

As I’ve shared in my last blog post, 90% of news is negative filled with car accidents, killings, shootings, civil and national wars and man-made and naturally occurring conflict in our world. Don’t bury your head in the sand of ignorance, but don’t go to the other extreme, as many of us have got used to doing. Let’s get into the habit of starting our days and finishing our nights with uplifting thoughts and experiences by embracing as little or as much of my above suggestions. Read the full blog post here and. Then take small, and replace the negative vibes of the world with uplifting habits and spiritual strengthening.

What are YOUR Passions and Favorite Things? Think about it, Capture It. Live It.

Of course, this list is very specific and you may have many more of your own ideas which you have enjoyed in the past and have become too busy to revisit. You may love swimming, whether in the lake, an exotic tropical ocean, or at the local pool. You may love running, jogging, playing more sports, taking up new musical interests, starting to travel and learn new languages. The list is endless, and each reader’s own list will be as individual as we all are.

Try the above, starting with one or more small doable tasks, and commit to consciously receive the positive energy you will feel almost immediately. Give it a day and then extend it to a week, combine new ideas from my suggestions and new ones you will now be open to, and you will feel like a new person. Replace your bad habits with replenishing walks, music or and reconnecting with friends or family you haven’t had much time for lately. Let mother nature nurture and mother you.

What have you got to lose, apart from the stress and the negative vibes that suck our energy if we let them?

I would love to hear from you about what has worked for you in the past and you would like to revisit it/them. I would be glad to hear about what you’re still having issues with. You can share in the comments below any of your specific ideas and names of books which you have found helpful and inspiring and why?

Please share your inspiring experiences in the comments!