How I Wrote My Book in Under Four Months

I have always enjoyed finding the right words to fit into my poetry!

However, it was a brand new experience for me when I wrote my book in
under four months – no less!

My youngest sister and I started this journey side by side 5 years ago. After we all lost our incredible and amazing mother.

We interviewed the people together planning to include their insights in the impending book. Then we agreed that Julie would write the book and as I have a strong sales background, I would follow through with marketing and selling our mother’s uplifting and inspirational life story.

After we had completed the interview process with 18 people, my sister was not responding to my calls and I knew something was up.

Many weeks went by and I finally connected with her. Julie then expressed to me that she could not write this book. Something was holding her back. As she told me this I saw her concern and frustration.

My response was, “Don’t worry. I’ll get this done.”

I left for home! Having made the decision to write my book myself…

All the way during that 30 minute drive I wondered what I had just got myself into.

However, I relaxed into the choice I had made and consciously decided to keep my mind open. As soon as I came in my door I fired up my computer and Googled, “How do you write a book?”

Immediately James Patterson popped up on the screen with his Master Writing course introduction video. He seemed to be looking right into my eyes and then I heard him say, “Don’t worry about the words, the sentences, the paragraph or the page. Just tell the story.”

I closed the computer, sat back in the chair and thought, “I can tell stories.” I sat for a couple more moments then went up the stairs to bed. I sent out my wish to the universe: Let me find the strength and the best way forward to accomplish this dream of writing the most worthwhile book I can.

I then went to sleep.

That night I awoke at 3 am, put on my house coat, made my way down to the dining room table and started writing.

The story came in waves as I wrote my book. It could have been an hour, even 4 or more. The writing just flowed, it was never forced.

When it did not come that was OK.

I wrote until I was finished then I returned to my bed.

Over the next few weeks, deep in the Canadian winter cold, I would go for walks in the fields and down by the river.

Journey to writing my book

I would go fishing. I would nap,  or listen to music. I would be aware of nature and look forward to spring and to seeing once again the beautiful white and multi-coloured butterflies all around me.

For what seemed like an eternity, I would revel in the beauty of the soaring eagles high above my farm property. I allowed all my happy and sometimes sad memories to visit me. I laughed and I cried without guilt or shame. It was cathartic and freeing.

If I thought I needed to stay close to the work to find the next wave of inspiration I would sleep in the loft at the top of my home.

In the loft with memories as I write my book
In the Loft with My Memories

I pinned the pages of the stories up on all 4 walls in the loft, surrounding myself with their words, so I could see it all, change the story order, or just sleep up there with the stories all around me.

Oh yeah, I should mention that I have my own business. I install LED lighting systems but I took a 4 month sabbatical from my business to write my book.

I had written 68 pages in the first month of the 4, and I booked a trip to Caya Coco, Cuba.

You would not believe what happened on that trip which took this project to a whole other level.

Some people call it coincidence but I was taught by my mother there is only Godincidence.

My story about what happened on my trip to Cuba is included in the Preface to the book Love, Care and Share.

Read it now by clicking on this link and scrolling  half way down the new page.

It will blow your mind!

If you would also like to share your story about wanting to – or having already – written and published your own book, I would be delighted to hear from you. Either leave a comment below or email me at

Happy Inspiration and Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians out there.


Tom Herstad,

Author of Love, Care and Share