Change of Perspective – Not Easy To Do

A great friend of mine whom I have known since I was three year old has had an extremely difficult time lately. He realized his wife was having an affair and when he confronted her she decided to leave him for the other man.

Bob was devastated and found himself falling into depression. He visited his doctor, a psychologist, and attended a self-help group for support. The doctors prescribed medication but Bob fell further deeper into his depression, which included serious thoughts of suicide.

One evening he expressed his mental condition to his son. His son made a 911 call, and Bob was rushed to a local hospital. For two days he was detained in the mental health wing.

During this time Bob was also having paranoid thoughts regarding his physical health and asked for full blood works and a physical examination. While waiting to see one of his doctors he met Trish in the waiting room. They started a conversation.

This lady is fighting cancer and going through chemotherapy.

Bob started a close friendship with this lady, learning much about her. He describes her as a person with great faith and amazing strength of character. While dealing with her health issues she has just come through a separation of her own and is also alone.

Bob has helped her understand that she is not alone. They speak up to four times a day.

Isn’t it ironic how things work out? Bob was in a place that had him seriously considering ending his life. During this troubling time he has come into contact with someone that is fighting for her life every day.

I believe that everything happens for a reason and Bob needed this occurrence to establish perspective in his own life.

I also believe that this lady and Bob have come together to be there for one another. She has helped Bob feel wanted again.

I believe that this story proves that when we are going through challenging times in our lives, by helping others we not only take the focus away from ourselves but it also allows us to establish a fresh new perspective that most of us need at one time or another.

What recharges you? Is it walking, skiing, or visiting with friends? Does playing music – or listening to it – bring you joy?


What has given you food for thought with the impending holidays?

Are you looking after your spiritual and physical well-being?

As Christmas nears, whether you’re cross-country skiing…            

or swinging in paradise…

What are your plans on helping others or your own friends and family?

Share it here, I would love to hear about them.

Stay inspired and involved, and Happy Christmas,

Tom Herstad,
Author of Love, Care and Share