2nd Edition of Love, Care and Share is Here!

When I first set out to write this book my intent was triple-fold. I wanted to capture the essence of my mother’s life, I needed to write down the stories which would help me and others to share my mother’s legacy, and I knew that it would be a good opportunity to bond even closer to my sisters.

I did not know that through the journey of gathering and writing down the memories and stories, that I would rediscover my mother’s life long legacy: to help find joy within myself and in others.

Why I had to Write This Book:

I believe all people have an inherent desire to help others. Too many people are caught up in their pursuit of material things, achieving their goals, collecting “things”, building financial wealth. This leads to a preoccupied, busy mind and people do not embrace and experience being present with this desire and want. This desire is very well represented during the 9/11 tragedy, the way the New York community came together to help each other further highlighted that desire in us to help others in “our hour of need”.

How other distant communities came together to lend a hand.

Another example was how Gander in Newfoundland took in and cared for the same number as their city’s population for aweek, before planes could then take those passengers home.

The way many people all over the world reach out and help others gives me hope for a brighter tomorrow.

I also believe everyone feels something when they walk past a homeless person. To whatever degree that is personal to each of us but is certainly present.

I believe that sharing the stories of Mom and how she conducted herself will wake up people’s consciousness to their own inner desire and need to help others. The reader will relate to these stories consciously or subconsciously. It may impact the reader in the first chapter, 3rd or 6th or 10th or once they finish the book, but it will come.

Her stories will stay in their minds.

By recognizing this people will become more caring, understanding and empathetic towards others. This ultimately is a change in consciousness. This will help people become more aware of helping others and lend to a more caring world.

It will also initiate more joy and happiness in their lives.

Here is my wish for you:

Always dream and embrace your dreams. Dream so big you think you are a little crazy but then let that thought go.

Work toward your dreams all the while keeping an open mind.Know that your dreams can come true when you let go of how they will manifest.

As you go on your journey the path may fill up at times with frustration, failure or changes you did not expect. Never mind the negative, just adjust and keep on your way. Know that it is through these frustrations, failures and challenges that the universe is speaking to you. Stay engaged, listen and watch.

Just keep going and Dream on…..You will find your way.

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“We are the hands and fingers of god…..but we must use them.” Margie Herstad

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