Letting the World Happen To Us – My Book Into Movie Dream

Upon completing writing my first book Love, Care and Share, I had to read the publisher’s proof copy to approve a production print run for the book’s distribution. Driving home I decided to hook up my 30ft. trailer and head to the lake. There I found the perfect spot and backed my trailer in. I had a spectacular view of the water and began proof reading. As I started reading I heard a knock at the door. When I answered it a gentleman apologized for disturbing me and explained, “I thought you were the same person I met here last week. He was right here in the same spot, and had the same style of Airstream trailer as yours.” As Doug turned to walk away he stopped, looked back at me and asked, “What brings you here?” I told him about proof reading my book, which I had just independently published. We were both drawn Read More