Letting the World Happen To Us – My Book Into Movie Dream

Upon completing writing my first book Love, Care and Share, I had to read the publisher’s proof copy to approve a production print run for the book’s distribution.

Driving home I decided to hook up my 30ft. trailer and head to the lake. There I found the perfect spot and backed my trailer in.

I had a spectacular view of the water and began proof reading.

As I started reading I heard a knock at the door.

When I answered it a gentleman apologized for disturbing me and explained, “I thought you were the same person I met here last week. He was right here in the same spot, and had the same style of Airstream trailer as yours.”

As Doug turned to walk away he stopped, looked back at me and asked, “What brings you here?”

I told him about proof reading my book, which I had just independently published. We were both drawn into a discussion about writing. Turns out he was also engaged in writing his own book. He described the details of his science fiction story. It sounded fascinating.

As we concluded our conversation he said, “I’d like a copy of your book when it’s available; one for myself and a second for a couple of my friends.”

I delivered the two copies a couple of weeks later.

As a result of Doug reading Love, Care and Share he handed the second copy to his friends. His lady friend, Annie, posted a wonderful review on my web page upon finishing reading it, and then shared her copy with her life partner, Paul Saltzman a movie director.

Paul read the book and I had a chance to connect with him. We got together at his house over a warm cup of Chai tea. At this meeting Paul expressed how he was very busy on other projects but could offer some coaching on how the ‘book to movie’ process works.

I thanked him for his gracious hospitality and wonderful offer.

Two months later I received an email from one of my lighting customers who read the book on his Christmas vacation in Jamaica.

Michael expressed in his initial email how moved he was by the stories. In a subsequent email he expressed his interest in discussing how he would consider helping fund the movie development of my book.

Michael’s family have been financing movie development for many years. I immediately got back in touch with Paul and conveyed Michael’s offer. How about this as a response to my reaching back out to Paul? He said, “I have dropped one of my projects and have the ability now to embrace this project with you.”

As a result of this series of events my book, Love, Care and Share will be developed into a movie script over the next six months. It’s a signed deal!

My youngest sister, Julie, is writing the screenplay under Tom Schlesinger’s supervision. My son, Reigan, will be involved in this project’s production. Reigan finishes his second year of film school this year. It is so exciting to know that he will be embarking on his filmmaking career on this special endeavour; a movie about his grandmother.

I believe dreams can come true if we follow our heart, keep an open mind and let go of our expectations about how it has to happen.

We must also protect, conserve and control our energy.

“Sometimes after you have done all you can do you can just sit back and let the world happen to you.” Lee Cole

So, what is your dream and what are you doing about it? Share it with me, I would be delighted to hear about it.

Stay inspired,

Tom Herstad

Author of Love, Care and Share


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  1. Tom, what a wonderful series of “Godincidences” you’ve described in this, your latest blog. It’s inspiring to see, in practice, the effects of positive thinking and faith in the universe that enable our hopes and dreams to become reality. The uplifting messages and insights from “Love, Care and Share” are far reaching indeed. I look forward to following the transformation of that thought-provoking book into an impactful movie.

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