First Book Author Gets Movie Deal

How a Dream Came True:

Everyone has a story. Sometimes it is our own story but sometimes it is a story we know about, and one that we know must be shared.
My story is about how I knew I had to share my Mother’s story. A story that could spread more love, empathy and compassion into this world.
Over the past few weeks, I have been wondering what I can share with you about this journey I have followed to get to “here”.
What I mean by “here” is we have completed the production budget for the major motion picture “Second Line West”. This is the movie that is based on my book, “Love, Care and Share”. Second Line West was in screenplay development for 18 months with top professionals in the movie industry.

How an unknown writes an incredible story

So, how does a non-published writer, a man who has never written a book, and who has no connections to the movie industry get “here”; From typing a message two weeks after Mom’s passing in 2011 on her Facebook page “I will write a book about your life that will be a movie one day”? That statement was posted 7 years and 1 month ago while drinking red wine in my home at 1:30am on a Friday night.
My steps to making a dream come true – and how it could help you create and accomplish your dream:
There are 10 things I have learned about following a dream:
  1. Believe that your dream can come true and this starts with a declaration.
  2. Write your dream out and reread it often.
  3. Be aware of your energy, protect it, and avoid conversations where people talk negatively about others.
  4. Create a Vision Board and update it along your way.
  5. Embrace the journey more than the destination and remain curious.
  6. When you follow your dream, relax into it and open up to the signs. Your inner voice will guide you.
  7. When inspiration is a challenge or self doubt creeps in, go to nature. A walk in the woods or by water does it for me.
    A Walk in the Woods…

    Or by the Water Does it for Me
  8. Stop yourself from focusing on the fact that the dream is not happening yet for the road is still under construction and you must be patient
  9. Limit your time watching TV news as it does affect you.(Read my post about this here.)
  10. When your dream does come true, be sure to share it with others as I have just done with you. This can help motivate others to know that their dreams too are possible.
I want to add one more important point here: You have no idea how much you can accomplish until you declare your dream and start your journey. For when you do the universe can happen to you.
Finally, I leave you with this quote from the book “The Magical Path” by Marc Allen
“There is an ever-mysterious process of creation.
We can call it many things.
We will never understand how the process works, but we can consciously set it in motion.
The tools we use are simply our dreams and our imagination.”
So what is your Dream?
I’d love to hear you share it  in the comments below.

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