Another Step in the Right and Exciting Direction to Movie Production

It was late summer of 2011, shortly after our mother’s memorial service. My sister, Julianne and I, were driving through the rolling country hills of Caledon, Ontario. Our conversation was remembering people who spent time in our home. Our mother was a widow at thirty-eight with four children, but always had room in our home for someone in need that came across her path or her children’s path. Our spare bedroom was rarely empty.
Julianne’s and my list of people totalled eighteen.
A couple of weeks after that drive one early morning I was alone at home. I jumped onto my mother’s Facebook page and I wrote these words, “I am going to write a book about your life that will be a movie one day”.
It is now 2020 and this is what has transpired to date:
  1. It took Julianne and me three years to find and interview those individuals who spent time in our home from the late 1970’s to mid 1990’s. Some of these individuals also wrote us letters.
  2. The book ‘Love, Care and Share‘ was published in June 2016 after I was sat directly beside a best selling author, editor, writing coach, two times, a week apart, on two separate flights. Yes it’s true! Tanya Freedman agreed to help.
  3. A movie contract was confirmed February 2017 after a movie director’s wife read the book.
  4. The movie screen play was financed by a lighting customer of mine after he and his wife read the book on vacation. (I am also a lighting designer).
  5. The movie screen play for Second Line West was completed by Tom Schlesinger summer of 2019.
  6. Julianne and Tom Schlesinger share story credit for Second Line West movie screen play.
  7. We are presently in production budget financing stage for Second Line West.
Below is our movie production budget video which Julianne completed. Our goal is to start shooting this summer in Toronto. Click below:

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