Turtle Path – the Long Road to Making Our Dreams Come Alive

What is a “Turtle Path”? I was in a meeting last month with movie executives. The meeting was to discuss the finalized movie screen play of my book Love, Care and Share which is being made into a motion picture. I continue to be humbled to be in such quality company. We have Paul Saltzman – director/producer, Tom Schlesinger – screen play writer, Bob Wertheimer – line producer (takes screen play and establishes a line by line production budget), our financier Michael, and his wife Laura, and finally my youngest sister Julianne; who wrote the original screenplay being coached by Tom Schlesinger. We discussed many things and one of the topics was our decision to either take this movie the major motion picture route or to the in-home Netflix, Amazon Prime market. This is an important decision as it affects many other variables such as: final budget total, the type of actors and actresses we will be able to entice Read More

Books Can Turn Into Movies!

I think we read books for four reasons: To learn something new. To be inspired. To escape into our imagination. Some books can even change our life! Based on the 90 plus reviews of Love, Care and Share it is clear that this book offers all of these experiences. The book is a true story about a lady who experienced much joy, fulfillment and happiness in her life. Isn’t that what every one wants? We conducted 18 interviews with people who spent time with Mary Margaret and the research for the writing took 5 years to complete. A movie directors wife read this book and initiated the movie contract. A movie financier, who also read this book, expressed that this powerful message has to be shared with the world and the movie deal was finalized. We hope to start shooting in the summer of 2019. The lady was my Mother. The book website is www.lovecareandsharebook.com

Change Your Thoughts and Spring into Nature’s Ebb and Flow

Last year a powerful thought literally stopped me in my tracks. I had never had this kind of thought before. See, I had always lived in pursuit of things and plans which I had believed I had to chase aggressively. Often I got caught up in thoughts and feelings which at times led to anxiety and frustration. The paradigm-shifting thought came to me while I walked along the Credit River beside my home. It was a brilliant spring morning and the sounds of the birds reminded me that nature was about to awaken for a fresh new season. The sky was blue and the trees were beginning to come to life again; I enjoy walking in nature to settle and relax my mind into Mother Nature allowing her to mother me. These walks are my own definition of prescribed therapy. As I gazed at the fast flowing wide river, it represented a metaphor of my Read More

The Eagle Within – Christmas and Holiday Wishes to You All

The Eagle Within In a barn somewhere there was a birth This baby bird cracked the shell and started life He was born into a chicken farm He walked with the chickens He ate with the chickens He slept with the chickens But he never believed he belonged He always thought there was something more One day he saw a bird flying high above the farm It was the most beautiful bird he had ever seen He could not take his eyes off this bird As it soared off across the field He continued to walk with the chickens Eat with the chickens And sleep with the chickens But he never forgot the site he saw that day One day he found himself on the top of the barn He had made his journey all the way to the top From here he could see all the chickens down below He looked out over the Read More

Love Care & Share Book Launch: Sun July 31, 2016

Finally, exciting news for all my friends, family and other amazing supporters! The book launch for Love Care and Share is on Sunday at 2-4pm on July 31, 2016. In Norval, Ontario. For more information please email me: contact@TomHerstadBook.com Writing this book has shown me just how much my Mother’s life principles have formed the foundations of my life and continues to do so to this very day. Additionally, her constant and consistent focus on finding the good in all who came across her path made her an uplifting life-force her entire journey here on earth. Please contact me below for the complete address of the book launch venue or those of you who have my cell phone number may wish to contact me that way.In the meantime, while we wait for the Love Care Share book launch please visit the rest of this site where you can read the amazing coincidences that occurred as Read More