Another Step in the Right and Exciting Direction to Movie Production

It was late summer of 2011, shortly after our mother’s memorial service. My sister, Julianne and I, were driving through the rolling country hills of Caledon, Ontario. Our conversation was remembering people who spent time in our home. Our mother was a widow at thirty-eight with four children, but always had room in our home for someone in need that came across her path or her children’s path. Our spare bedroom was rarely empty. Julianne’s and my list of people totalled eighteen. A couple of weeks after that drive one early morning I was alone at home. I jumped onto my mother’s Facebook page and I wrote these words, “I am going to write a book about your life that will be a movie one day”. It is now 2020 and this is what has transpired to date: It took Julianne and me three years to find and interview those individuals who spent time in Read More

Turtle Path – the Long Road to Making Our Dreams Come Alive

What is a “Turtle Path”? I was in a meeting last month with movie executives. The meeting was to discuss the finalized movie screen play of my book Love, Care and Share which is being made into a motion picture. I continue to be humbled to be in such quality company. We have Paul Saltzman – director/producer, Tom Schlesinger – screen play writer, Bob Wertheimer – line producer (takes screen play and establishes a line by line production budget), our financier Michael, and his wife Laura, and finally my youngest sister Julianne; who wrote the original screenplay being coached by Tom Schlesinger. We discussed many things and one of the topics was our decision to either take this movie the major motion picture route or to the in-home Netflix, Amazon Prime market. This is an important decision as it affects many other variables such as: final budget total, the type of actors and actresses we will be able to entice Read More

Books Can Turn Into Movies!

I think we read books for four reasons: To learn something new. To be inspired. To escape into our imagination. Some books can even change our life! Based on the 90 plus reviews of Love, Care and Share it is clear that this book offers all of these experiences. The book is a true story about a lady who experienced much joy, fulfillment and happiness in her life. Isn’t that what every one wants? We conducted 18 interviews with people who spent time with Mary Margaret and the research for the writing took 5 years to complete. A movie directors wife read this book and initiated the movie contract. A movie financier, who also read this book, expressed that this powerful message has to be shared with the world and the movie deal was finalized. We hope to start shooting in the summer of 2019. The lady was my Mother. The book website is

A Little Change Can Make a Big Difference

I had a call from a lady named Annie last week. She had just finished reading my book Love, Care and Share. I asked her what part of the book spoke to her the most. She expressed that it was the story about how my mother helped me during my marriage separation and ultimate divorce. For those of you who have not read Love, Care and Share this is the part in the story. It was the summer of 1997 and I had just come back from dropping off my two-and-a-half-year-old son, Reigan, to my wife’s local backyard apartment. I was noticeably upset. My mother was living with me at the time and as I came back into my house she asked me to sit down at the kitchen table. She then joined me in the chair beside me. Mom asked me to face her and look into her eyes and she said these words Read More

Change Your Thoughts and Spring into Nature’s Ebb and Flow

Last year a powerful thought literally stopped me in my tracks. I had never had this kind of thought before. See, I had always lived in pursuit of things and plans which I had believed I had to chase aggressively. Often I got caught up in thoughts and feelings which at times led to anxiety and frustration. The paradigm-shifting thought came to me while I walked along the Credit River beside my home. It was a brilliant spring morning and the sounds of the birds reminded me that nature was about to awaken for a fresh new season. The sky was blue and the trees were beginning to come to life again; I enjoy walking in nature to settle and relax my mind into Mother Nature allowing her to mother me. These walks are my own definition of prescribed therapy. As I gazed at the fast flowing wide river, it represented a metaphor of my Read More

The Power of a Gift

I woke up today thinking about the book I have written called Love, Care and Share. I was remembering something many people have said to me during book signings and others in my life who have read this book. There was a common comment that I have heard, “This book needs to be shared. After reading this book it should be passed on to another.” I have thought about why this has been said so often and wondered if there is something bigger at work here. Opening the computer to start my day I was delighted to see another review of this book roll in. I share it with you now: My name is Brittney! We met at my mom’s house (Rachel) in Georgetown about two weeks ago.  You were kind enough to give a copy of your book to both my brother Chase and myself.  I wanted to let you know I just finished Read More

Happy Canada Day! Let’s Appreciate Nature and Each Other Every Day!

When I was 9 years old my family and I moved from the suburbs to a rural country setting. Transferring to 2nd Line West was a big change for me. It was a move away from good friends from my public school as well as my minor hockey friends. This house was originally purchased as an investment property that was rented out until Mom decided to move us there in 1972. Just after the purchase I recall Dad driving me up to that sprawling ranch bungalow on two acres, with hedges running down each side of the eighty foot driveway. The property also had an in-ground pool at the back left corner, with a pool house and change rooms. The pool area was very removed from the house. The tool shed bordered on the north side of the property line. As Dad and I walked through the empty house he said, “Come with me. I’ve got Read More

Letting the World Happen To Us – My Book Into Movie Dream

Upon completing writing my first book Love, Care and Share, I had to read the publisher’s proof copy to approve a production print run for the book’s distribution. Driving home I decided to hook up my 30ft. trailer and head to the lake. There I found the perfect spot and backed my trailer in. I had a spectacular view of the water and began proof reading. As I started reading I heard a knock at the door. When I answered it a gentleman apologized for disturbing me and explained, “I thought you were the same person I met here last week. He was right here in the same spot, and had the same style of Airstream trailer as yours.” As Doug turned to walk away he stopped, looked back at me and asked, “What brings you here?” I told him about proof reading my book, which I had just independently published. We were both drawn Read More

2nd Edition of Love, Care and Share is Here!

When I first set out to write this book my intent was triple-fold. I wanted to capture the essence of my mother’s life, I needed to write down the stories which would help me and others to share my mother’s legacy, and I knew that it would be a good opportunity to bond even closer to my sisters. I did not know that through the journey of gathering and writing down the memories and stories, that I would rediscover my mother’s life long legacy: to help find joy within myself and in others. Why I had to Write This Book: I believe all people have an inherent desire to help others. Too many people are caught up in their pursuit of material things, achieving their goals, collecting “things”, building financial wealth. This leads to a preoccupied, busy mind and people do not embrace and experience being present with this desire and want. This desire is Read More

Change of Perspective – Not Easy To Do

A great friend of mine whom I have known since I was three year old has had an extremely difficult time lately. He realized his wife was having an affair and when he confronted her she decided to leave him for the other man. Bob was devastated and found himself falling into depression. He visited his doctor, a psychologist, and attended a self-help group for support. The doctors prescribed medication but Bob fell further deeper into his depression, which included serious thoughts of suicide. One evening he expressed his mental condition to his son. His son made a 911 call, and Bob was rushed to a local hospital. For two days he was detained in the mental health wing. During this time Bob was also having paranoid thoughts regarding his physical health and asked for full blood works and a physical examination. While waiting to see one of his doctors he met Trish in the Read More