The Many Benefits of Eating Together As a Family

Up to a couple of decades ago families always had Sundays to reunite, catch up and reload. Sunday was the day to spend time together, eat together, relax and watch favorite shows together. This was the time before mobile devices and multi TVs in each of our homes. The balance of the week was crammed with work and chores for adults and school and extra-curricular activities for the children. I remember Saturdays were shopping and errand days. My many memories of our Sundays are how we spent the day experiencing music together. I remember Dad taking one of us on his motorcycle for a ride or driving the family-full car from one relative to another. One of the defining factors for me which represented the end of the weekend was the TV show “Tiny Talent Time”, which aired at 5 o’clock Sunday afternoon. Those days were full of wonderful times and the Sundays consisting of Read More